a sort of reception

after the photos were taken we headed back home to change into some more comfortable clothes.  then we all met up for a really nice dinner together to celebrate.  we went to firerock grille, and it was fantastic!  i had never been there before and was really impressed with the great food.  we spend an hour or so just hanging out and having a great time with miyuki's family as we got to feast on the delicious cuisine.  it was all chad and miyuki's treat- a sort of wedding reception that they never got to have!
it was the last time all of us were going to be together, so it was also a little bittersweet as well.  the next day chad, miyuki, and her family were all going back to chad's.  her family stuck around visiting with them for another week, but it was our last chance to spend time with them.  the whole visit was a lot of fun and it was awesome to get the chance to meet my new sister-in-law's family!

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