south bend christmas

ledger was having so much fun with the whole christmas thing that he didn't want it to be over just yet!  well, it just so happens that its not!  we packed our bags and headed down to south bend for a christmas celebration with her family!  you know what that means- more presents for ledger to open!
there was quite a large group of family and friends to get together and celebrate: diana's mom and david, barbara and james, diana's dad, grandma, alanna and tavish, and even miranda and levi stopped by to join us.  one thing that i always love about her family is that its sort of a free for all- all are welcome and there's no fuss to be made.  its so cozy and comfortable!
all morning ledger and tavish kept asking about when we would get to open the gifts.  as each visitor arrived the question was desperately asked again 'can we open them now?!?'  'not yet boys!'.  they actually did really well with being patient and keeping their hands off the gifts until it was time.  they each got to open one right away, and then they had to wait for the rest until after we had lunch.  finally it was gift giving time and everyone had a blast!  ledger made out pretty well for himself!  i'm sure he will have fun with all these toys for months to come!
(more pics: 1, 2)

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