movie rex-athon

its always fun when friends come by! rex stopped by for a couple nights recently. i hadnt really seen him much lately and when ever i did it was always with a big group so we were not able to talk much. well, when he came down here we fixed that problem! we had a great time just hanging out and chatting. oh, and watching movies. and boy, did we watch some movies! we started off our weekend by going to the local video store, they were having a pretty good sale, so we took advantage! between us we bought 9 movies and only payed around twenty bucks for all of them! granted, most of them were straight-to-video (which, for the uninformed, means that they are a bit, how shall we say, lower in quality...), but that didnt stop us from having a blast while we watched them! diana even joined us for one or two, but she wisely went to bed before we got to the really lame ones ('day of wrath' anyone?). many of them turned out to be better than expected, which is always a welcome treat. rexy, we will definitely have to do this again soon!

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