after all these years

so, a month or two ago my buddy adam decided that he wanted to have a reunion with our former classmates. high school reunion? sounds like fun! the thing is though, adam didnt go to the same high school as most of us, so he actually wanted to have an 8th grade class reunion! thats right, all of our former classmates from kelloggsville christian (rest her soul)! thanks to this strange thing called 'facebook' (maybe youve heard of it) he was able to get the word out to almost all of our graduating class of 1993! the crazy thing is, many of them showed up! adam ended up hosting about 17 former 8th grade classmates! so friday night everyone gathered at adam's childhood home (he lives in l.a. and for some reason wasnt willing to fly us all out there to have the reunion. rude.) for a bit of catching up. i got there a bit late, living two hours away and trying to fight 4th of july weekend traffic will cause that sometimes... but when i got there it was such a strange sight- all these old faces that i hadnt seen in almost 18 years! granted, some of them i have kept up with, but many of them had been relegated to the 'i'll probably never see them again in my life' category. the night was spent catching up and hearing about where everyone is now, most stories involved marriage and multiple children. it seems so strange because last time i had seen some of these people they themselves were children! oh time, what have you done to us? it was a great night filled with fun and memories. at the end of the night adam promised to do this again next year with even more people in attendance. well, put me on the list- ill be there!
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