the kids get excited for fireworks, but you know who gets even more excited about it than them? my wife! diana loves fireworks! every 4th of july it is the highlight of the weekend. at sandy pines, as dusk set in, we headed down to the usual spot down by the beach for the show to begin. the ritual also includes the kids playing around with sparklers before it gets too dark- and they have a blast with them! its been fun over the years to see the kids play with them because it wasnt that long ago that the kids, all three of them, were terrified of sparklers! they were so scared that they were going to get burned that they wouldnt even hold them- their dad and i had to hold them and they would move our arms around. the firework show at sandy pines was especially good this year, where as in years past the whole thing was, at times, a bit underwhelming, this year was the park's 40th anniversary so they went all out and had a great firework display!

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