kitchen shuffle

after years of only having about two and a half feet of counter space, diana and i finally did something about it! we have a really small kitchen with only a couple feet of counter space on either side of the sink, and one side is covered by the huge microwave! after years of complaining about it, we finally went out and got a little cart to put next to the stove so we can put the microwave over there instead of using up the valuable counter space. the biggest change, though, has been getting used to the new placement of our trash. it was always next to the stove where the new cart is, but now its under the sink. its been a few days since we made the change, and we both still walk over next to the stove to throw something away. one of these days the change will sink in and ill stop trying to microwave our trash!

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Captainbananapants said...

Most importantly though - where is Poco's food? you think it'll be hard for you to remember about the trash, imagine what it will be like for Poco to find a new food spot! :o)
Miss you guys!