what is this 'outside' you speak of?

diana has been getting the spring fever lately, she's been kind of antsy and sick of being couped up inside. with the weather getting a bit better she asked if we could go try to find a park or something to walk around and enjoy this warmer weather. granted, i've lived here for eight years, but going outside has never been a priority for me, so i had no idea where the local parks are at! using the marvel of modern technology, we pulled out our gps and looked up the closest parks. turns out we have quite a few close by- who would have thought? we rode over to one of them and got the chance to enjoy the beautiful weather. we found a nice couples swing and enjoyed a bit of time in the outdoors. i guess this 'outside' thing isnt as bad as i feared. i just hope diana doesnt make me do it more often- if my lily white arms and legs sees the sun, theres no telling what might happen!

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