and the kitchen sink

every once in a while i surprise myself with my handyman skills! recently our renters (who, by the way, are really nice- its amazing to finally have some good neighbors at long last!) called and said that the sink in the kitchen had been dripping. i went over there and feared the worst, i thought that it might be the pipes coming out of the wall. after i took a look though it was the facet itself that was leaking. not a huge surprise, considering the thing looked like it had been around since the carter administration! i know my papa always told me that when it comes to plumbing i should never try to be a hero- hire a plumber cause its rarely an easy fix. i didnt take his advice this time and tried to fix it myself. turned out to be a lot simpler than i had feared. i went to the store and got a new faucet, took the old one out, put the new one in and voiala! no leak! how often does that happen?!? almost never! it only took about an hour or so and we were in business- a new faucet, this one even has the extendo sprayer and everything! i was so relieved that this wasnt one of those big projects that keep leaking no matter how much duct tape i used! (dont worry papa, i didnt actually use any duct tape... this time!)

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