my summer job

its summer, now what about that whole summer job thing? well, for a couple summers i worked night shift stocking at the local grocery store- and promised myself i would never do that again! yuck! last summer i helped diana's mom and david out with some work around the house and this summer i will be doing the same. except this time it will be a different house! no, they didnt move, they just bought a house down the street to turn into a rental. its in pretty good shape, but needs a lot of work- thats where i come in! david want to get that place ready over the summer so they can start renting it out and i'm just the guy to help make that happen! over the summer i'm going to be tearing stuff out, building stuff, replacing stuff, and repainting everything! this will definately keep me very busy (which though i dont like to admit it, is a good thing...) i've already gotten a good start on it. check out the pictures here!

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