hair today, gone tomorrow

have you ever heard of saint baldricks? if not, its a charity that does children's cancer research. its a great cause that holds a bunch of fundraisers around here, the only catch is that the fundraising is done by shaving your head! yikes! the idea behind it is that people raise money to shave their head, there by raising awareness of children with cancer (who have bald heads from the chemo). well, over a weekend diana and some of the girls from her salon volunteered to the the shavers! (not the shavees, dont worry, diana didnt buzz off those beautiful curls of hers!). i was able to tag along and enjoy the event, they had a bunch of people who raised money there enjoying the live music, grills, and fun! diana said she felt really weird shaving off everyone's hair, but julie (in the picture above) didnt seem to mind at all!

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