three floyds

to let off some steam after a long day of work, diana and her friends headed off to three floyds. its a cool restaurant down in dyer. i even got the invite to tag along! julie and diana were there we i arrived, soon followed by jill and her husband larry. we got a table, but they only seat four, so the girls sat at one and larry and i sat at the next table over. it was a lot of fun, i really like larry but havent had too many opportunities to hang out with him and chat. we got talking about work, families, and movies. three floyds is a pretty alternative type place, the people who work there are covered in tatoos! so the topic of tatoos came up as well. larry's got a couple and he told me some pretty cool stories about them and the artists who did them for him. unfortunately there was an employee who was a bit of a jerk and wouldnt stop pestering us about our tables, so i dont know if we will be back there soon, but at least we had a good time chatting!

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