tweets reads!

one of the most exciting moments of the whole thanksgiving visit came that sunday afternoon. after we had finished our turkey dinner and had been playing around for a while, i sat down in the armchair in the living room. tweets came up to me and wanted to show me something. she hopped up on my lap and pulled out a book and started reading it! what?!? our little tweets is old enough to read?!? when did this happen? i was so amazed! she was able to sound out the words and she ended up reading the entire book 'bath time for biscuit' to me! wow! i am such a proud uncle! before you know it she will be driving and dating and all that stuff- good luck jill and tim!

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Jill said...

Oh... where has the time gone. So thankful that she was able to share that with you (I walked in in the middle of her reading and it brought a tear to my eye!) A special moment with Uncle. She is growing up much too fast~I wasn't even thinking about dating and driving yet. Thanks for setting my mind at ease:)!