last day bowling

the last week of school before christmas break is always one of the most difficult weeks of the year. the reason is most kids have already checked out of school mentally and are only focused on what they are going to do with all that free time and with all those new toys they expect to get! well, one thing that helps out is the fact that the last day of school before break has no classes at all! instead, we take the kids to the local bowling alley and let them run wild! when we get back from bowling, the kids have a pizza party in their room, and then they head to the gym to play for the rest of the day. it is always a good time, and the kids really love it! this year we tried a few different things to make it run smoother, and most of them worked. since there are no actual classes that day, instead it feels like i'm a babysitter instead of a teacher. not that i'm complaining, its a nice change of pace!
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