driving up

keith and i drove up to the cabin this year. we got a pretty early start, leaving around 11am. most of the way the weather was pretty good, but for about ten miles it got pretty rough! the snow was coming down and the wind was blowing badly. at one point we had a rather exciting event. we were driving through the snow and wind, which caused the road to be a bit slippery. well, turns out there was a truck that had slid off the road and flipped a couple times. there were emergency vehicles on the scene already by the time we got to that part of the highway, but for some reason i cannot fathom, the vehicle two cars in front of us decided to slam on their brakes. now, this is never a good idea. its especially bad if the road is slippery. why did they slam on their brakes? i have no idea. the emergency vehicles were still about a quarter mile ahead and the traffic wasnt slowed either, it seems that the person driving this vehicle saw the police lights and slammed on the brakes. which is a bit of a bother for the car behind them who was traveling 40 miles an hour. it just so happens that the car behind them was me! well, somehow i got an amazing flash of nascar, because i slammed on my brakes, slid to the right, toward the huge ditch on the side of the road. as i was beginning to slide directly into the back of the car, i hit the gas and somehow managed to dodge around the vehicle, barely missing it by about an inch with my side mirror! after sliding around the vehicle, i was able to correct the car and return to the right lane of the highway, completely avoiding the destruction of hitting the other car, or falling off the highway! both aaron and dusty, who were riding with me, were shocked and impressed. i was too- i've always considered myself a terrible winter conditions driver, but somehow managed to make it through this impending accident with no problem at all! God was definitely guiding that one! yikes! after my heartbeat returned to normal, we stopped at our usual place for lunch on the way. as a side note, please be sure to notice the person sitting behind brains in the photo above. not only does he have some amazing facial hair, but he is also sporting a fantastic curly mullet!

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