christmas grandma

after diana got out of work thursday, we headed up to grand rapids to see my family for christmas. hurray! its finally here! we arrived that night and just took it easy. friday morning diana and i got up, got ready, and finally headed out to do some much needed christmas shopping. (who ever said last minute shopping was a bad idea?) meijers was actually surprisingly calm for being the day before christmas! after a bit of a headache with me loosing my phone, we eagerly awaited the arrival of our special christmas eve guest: grandma! that side of the family decided not to get together this year (which seems understandable, the family is just getting too big- i think there's about 174 of us now...), so instead we had grandma over to spend christmas eve with our family. after dinner we got to have a good time with her playing cards and chatting! she had never played 'phase 10' before, but rather enjoyed it. at the end of the night diana and i took her back home. she said she had a wonderful time, and so did we!

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