another important tradition that we have when we go to the cabin is making a visit to the local dive bar sporties. now granted, its not actually called 'sporties' anymore, but it was when we started making this cabin visit an annual thing eight year ago, so why change what we call it now? they always have amazing hamburgers, and the most pleasant of shady clientele, so we knew we were in for a treat. turns out, we visited on the very night of their 'customer appreciation day' party! the place was packed! usually when we go there are about two people in there, the waitress and a really creepy looking guy hiding out in the dark corner. this year there were thirty or more people in there having a great time! they had even classed up the joint a little too- they had new tables and chairs, and even one of them fancy jukeboxes thats hooked up to the internet! i dont know about all these changes, sporties. but at least the food was just as good as i remembered it, so all is forgiven.

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