cabin time again

its that time of year once again, that time when the guys and i head up to the cabin and have a great time doing cabiny things! this year, due to christmas and new years falling on the weekends and not everyone having the week off in between, we went up a bit earlier than usual. i traveled up to grand rapids the night before so i could get a good nights sleep in preparation of all the fun we were going to have. i knew i was going to have to drive my little saturn up to the cabin, so i picked up rex and dusty on the way over to aarons. we met up a bit earlier than usual, but surprisingly everyone made it there on time- even jeffry lee! before we headed off we hung out at aarons for a few minutes getting everyones stuff packed in the vehicles and figuring out the seating arrangement. we were all very excited about the fun ahead and were ready to get rollin!
(more pics)


Captainbananapants said...

Was everyone supposed to wear a fun hat or was that a coincidence?

Jon Blair said...

I (being the guy in the fut hat) make sure that every time I go on a trip there is some kind of fun hat involved.

Captainbananapants said...

I like the way you live Jon. Also, kudos to us for being the only people who read Mark's blog!