my wife, the stylist!

when diana and i first got married she started cosmetology school with the hopes that one day she would be a hair stylist. well, shes been working for about six months now at a salon as an assistant, working her way up. recently she finally got the call: she is now a full fledged hair stylist! we are both very excited! she is a bit nervous, but looks forward to what challenges are in store.
now comes the real challenge: finding people who want her to cut their hair! the hardest part of becoming a stylist is building a clientele. one way that her coworkers have suggested is by creating an advertisement to give to people that will get them interested in coming in. well, thats where i come in! i've got a little experience in designing stuff just like that. i took a bunch of graphic design classes in college and really loved it. so i thought this might be the opportunity i've been looking for: create an advertisement for my wife! well, after a few hours working in photoshop (and many many hours trying to get the dang printer to do what i want), i came up with a design that we are both proud of. i printed it on a heavy stock paper the size of a postcard and we have since send out a couple hundred around town. hopefully we will start to see the results soon! the picture at the top of this post is what i came up with for her. if you live around us, please click on it and print it out so you can give her a call and use the coupon! she hopes to see you in the salon soon!

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