a yummy alarm clock

diana is not a morning person. thats ok, though, because i am not either. this is usually fine for her since she has a job that doesnt start very early in the mornings. most days she doesnt have to get to work until 3pm, which is just the way she likes it! unfortunately though, on saturdays she has to be to work by 9am. that is not her favorite thing in the world, to be sure. in fact, most weeks she begins to dread this early wake up by wednesday and begins worrying about it three days in advance. i decided to use a little trick i learned from my brother in law tim: on saturdays he gets up and makes cinnamon rolls for the kids to keep them happy. i figured this might work for us too- and boy does it ever! we now have a tradition at our house: saturday morning i wake up with diana and whip us up a batch of tasty cinnamon rolls to help her early morning go a little better! she's still annoyed with having to get up early, but at least he has a happy stomach! the way to a man's heart is food? hey, it works on women too!


Anonymous said...

Mark you are such a considerate husband!! :) Mom

Captainbananapants said...

It works on Allen women that's for sure! :o)