a new level of nerdy

first of all, lets get this out of the way: i am a nerd. i believe ive been pretty up front with that. proof of my nerdiness comes from loving comic books, science fiction, and movies too much. just look at my last few posts about going to the comic convention for the 10th year and you will agree that i am a nerd. well, this weekend i turned that nerd dial up to eleven! (that reference? more proof of my nerdiness...)
on august 28th i went to another convention, one that is even more nerdy than a comic book convention. i know what you are thinking, 'is that even possible?' the answer is yes. oh, yes! this weekend i attended the chicago stargate convention. i've been a stargate fan for a couple of years now, and i have become obsessed. dont worry, i know full well that it is a pretty lame show. i would agree. but that just makes me love it more!
in the spring i heard that there even was such a thing as a stargate convention, and i knew that i must attend! i have been saving my money ever since so i could go. what will come as no surprise to anyone is that i went alone. i could not find anyone else who was willing to go with me to this event, so i went by myself. and boy, did i have a great time! it was a full day devoted to nothing else but glorious stargate fun! i got there around 10:00am and stayed until 6:30pm and enjoyed every single moment!

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Captainbananapants said...

That's why we love you so much Mark!