end con

a trademark of comic con weekend is that particular odor that seems to permeate the house that next morning... as each of us got up we made our way to the living room and made ourselves comfortable. the guys didnt have any real deadline to be home, so we took it easy and just enjoyed the slow morning. around noon diana headed out to visit her mom; her step sister and her new baby were in town and diana had planned to stay there for a couple days to see them. the rest of us had a lazy afternoon and enjoyed the time together. round about 3:00pm, the guys decided it was time to head back home. we had a really great time this weekend, and i know everyone is already looking forward to next year!
(more pics)

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Captainbananapants said...

So tell me more about the "smell permeating the house" post comic con... It really sounds disgusting. That picture of Rex and Poco is TOO CUTE!