the leak returns

sometimes being a landlord isnt too bad, but then there are times when it sucks. recently i got a call from our renters that there was a problem with the shower. this is nothing new, the tub faucet over on that side of the duplex has had problems before with leaking. this time it wasnt leaking though, it was the shower head. or so they thought. they told me that when the pulled the tab to make the water go to the shower head it wouldnt go, so i went over there to check it out for myself. turns out the little knob that directs the water to the shower head had busted and needed to be replaced. so i went to the hardware store and got a new faucet head to make things better. after a bit of work (and a faulty caulk gun) i got the new one working. one problem though: the leak is back. you know, i really should have listened to my dad when he said 'you can fix anything, but when it comes to water, get a professional!'. i think i will take that advice now...

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