shanks a million!

i wasnt sure what to expect at a stargate convention, i went in blind. turns out it is a lot different than the comic book convention. comic con focuses entirely on the books and merchandise that goes along with them. the stargate convention was focused instead on the guests that were there. i arrived around 10:00 and went in and got a day pass. i wandered around and found the room that had the booths selling stargate stuff. turns out there isnt that much stuff, the merch room was pretty small and only had about 5 sellers in there. one sold clothes, one sold books, one sold cds, one sold toys, and the other sold photos and posters. pretty simple. around 11:00am the main hall opened up and they had different guests and speakers lined up for us to see and listen to. there were a few actors from the shows themselves who where there to share stories and answer fan's questions, joe flanigan and david hewlett from stargate atlantis were first. there was also a writer who came up and talked about stargate comic books, dan shea from the show was there to share some really funny stories, and a time for feedback on the newest stargate show which just finished its first season. later they had an auction and another actor, michael shanks from the original stargate sg-1, come and shared. it was a great time, and a lot of fun to get to know the actors and hear some of their perspectives on the stargate fanchise.

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