through the gate

the stargate con was a blast! as you can see from this picture i didnt let the fact that i was there alone deter me from having a great time (and no, i have no idea who that guy is...). everyone there was so friendly and eager to talk- maybe they are like me and dont actually know anyone else who likes the show and this is their only opportunity to talk with people who share their love! what ever the case is, i found myself chatting it up with a bunch of people there and hearing their different takes on all things stargate. (on a side note, i must say, i was quite surprised by how little the fans of the show actually know about the show! i seemed to be the only one there who had any knowledge of the actors and other behind the scenes info. although, now that i think of it, maybe that just means that i was really the nerdiest person there... oh, the truth is ugly...) check out some of the pictures from the convention: the actors, the merch i got, and the rest!


Captainbananapants said...

Not to sound as nerdy as you... but if you ever got that stargate keychain red hot, like left it in the car or something, and then put your hand on it - you'd get a badass burn like on Indiana Jones

Captainbananapants said...

That picture makes me really nervous that you may trip and fall through the stargate!!!!