his mom

on a friday night i was just hanging around the house with diana and i got a call from my old pall matt! he and i worked together for a few years, but he left a couple years ago and moved his family to ohio. he and his wife kim were our special guests at our wedding, but it had been a while since i last saw him. turns out he and the family were in town for a long weekend. he gave me a call wondering if i wanted to stop by and catch up. certainly! it was already about 10pm, and diana had to work the next day, so i went alone to see him. we went out to a wings joint and got to talk for an hour or two! it was really cool to be able to see him again and catch up on whats been going on in his life. he works for a ministry called hearts to hondurus and travels down there a lot to help out. pretty cool! anyway, sounds like things are going great for them in ohio (but we really miss him here...). it was really awesome to see him again, and i'm sure it wouldnt take much to convince diana that we need to take a little weekend trip to ohio soon so we can hang out again!

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Captainbananapants said...

Why is this called "his mom?"