the lost gang

friday night i finally got to catch up on 'lost', and a few friendships. ive been watching 'lost' ever since it first came on, and for a couple years a few coworkers and would always talk about it the next day. they decided to start getting together, share a meal, and enjoy the show about a year back. i was invited and had a great time! it was a bunch of fun because we would eat, then we would watch the show. the best part is the commercials- we use that time to come up with out own crazy conspiracy theories about what we just saw, then back to the show!
now, this worked great last year because everyone had wednesdays free. but, of course, abc has to change the night they show it on. argh. no one has thursday night free, so we werent able to get together for the first several episodes.
last friday, though, we found some time to get together and catch up on life and 'lost'. we went over to rachels. she asked me to tape the two episodes so we could watch them at her place. about a half hour before we are supposed to meet i get a call from her: 'um, i dont have a vcr... could you bring yours?' i had no problem with it, i just thought it was funny that the vcr is now an almost obsolete item!
we had a great time catching up and watching 'lost'. one of the couples brought their kids, which was a lot of fun, but not very conducive to watching a tv show... i think i will watch the show before i go and just enjoy the company instead.

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