uncle time

this afternoon i went over to tim and jills. i figured i had the time free, so maybe i could offer my babysitting skills for them so they could maybe catch a quick nap. they were thankful and quickly passed out in their respective pillows. that gave me a chance to have a fun time playing with the kids! avers is getting big enough to stand on her own, which is soo cute! jackson and i messed around with legos for a while and played around.
right after avers was put down for her nap tweeters woke up! so we played with her too. the three of us had a great time playing 'lava floor', 'the planets', and a bunch of other nonsense games that they love! and as their uncle, by default, i love too. also, i let them mess around with my camera a bit, which they always love. here are a few more pictures that they took.

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