the pump house

last night was a blast! i headed over to jeffry lees so we could figure out what to do for the night. we sat there for a while trying to figure it out. i got on his nerves, he got on my nerves, then i got on his nerves again. really, it was a fun time! finally, after we were done being annoyed with each other (which we both agreed was kind of fun), he called all the guys and headed over to logans for dinner. rex, aaron, dusty, and adam soon joined us. we got a good table and spend an hour or so just catching up: aaron and rex each got new cars, adam had fun california stories, and dusty is going to be a dad in just a few weeks!
after we finished up our meal, we tried to think of a place to go next. we werent entirely sure what to do, so we decided to have a secret ballot vote! the options were: a. rexs house, b. dustys house, c. adams house, or d. the pump house. we each wrote our selection a a scrap of paper and then put it in the ballot box (i.e. adams hands). one by one we read through the votes and tabulated the results. and, i must say, the results were a bit shocking: two for adams house, and four for the pump house! what a surprise win!
now, in case you are wondering what the pump house is, let me tell you. the pump house is a very old bar that is tucked away on one of the shady side streets in kentwood. it has a lot of character, and by character, i mean its a run down white trash bar. which just so happens to make it the perfect place to hang out! we went there and met up with zagman and just continued talking and hanging out. it was really cool, because it just so happened that we had assembled all the guys from the cabin! this is something rare- getting all seven of us in the same room usually only happens at the cabin, so we were really loving it! we chatted the night away, having a great time! something i noticed through out the night: every conversation i was having was really enjoyable and interesting, but i always felt like i wished i could be a part of the other conversations going on. i figure thats a pretty good sign that we all really enjoy each other. i wanted to be a part of every ones conversation because i love to know whats going on in their lives, what they think about the world, and the wisdom that they can share. its pretty cool to find six other guys who i respect that much.
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Sean and Rachael said...

the pump house picture looks like it could be the "Pimp house"...comedy gold.