snow and slow

this past weekend was a really fun time. i loved hanging out with my family and friend up in michigan, as always. but, ive come to this realization: their winter weather really sucks! all weekend it was snowing and blowy and freezing. the driveway needed to be shoveled at least once a day, and my car would just start feeling comfortable as i arrived at my destination. im not saying our weather down here is much better, but i am really starting to understand how much they are messed by the lake effect off lake michigan. i was driving back to indiana yesterday (which was a very bad idea), and kept having just complete white-outs from the wind. i think i averaged about twenty miles per hour! a drive that is supposed to take two hours was drug out to be a four and a half hour trip. argh! but, like clockwork, as soon as i got below the lake- it was perfectly sunny! still windy, but no snow on the ground.
on days like this it makes me happy to live down here.
but on the other hand, if i lived up there, i would get a whole lot more snow days... maybe its time to move back home...

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