the big clean

its been a great weekend, nice and long! friday was easy because instead of regular work, we just had some staff seminars, which always means a short day. then, we had today off! almost a four day weekend- cant beat that!
friday i decided to do what i had been putting off for far too long- i cleaned by house. ive had dishes in the sink since the mesozoic period. ive actually had a few archaeologists interested in excavating... i cleaned dishes, moped the kitchen floor, vacuumed the living room, and put all the dvds and cds back in their shelves. i was busy organizing and cleaning until about 1 in he morning, but boy, does it look good now!
saturday i had a friend come over and we hung out, went to see a movie, and went out to eat. a really fun time. after church on sunday i was just chilling out on the couch emptying out the tivo as best i could, when i got a call. i answered, and before i knew it, i found myself in michigan eating at applebees. strange how that happens...
and as for today? i havent been doing much of anything. i sure do love these days off!

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