friday night right

i decided to go up to michigan this weekend. friday i stopped by a friends place on the way up, we grabbed a bite for dinner and had a great time. when i got up to grand rapids i stopped over at jeffry lees place. rex, kooch, and jeffry lee were wrapping up a night of crappy movie watching, which im glad i missed. we had a great time just chilling, sitting around talking about life, love, and cars. one of those topics i didnt really have much to add to the conversation. ill let you guess which one it was (a little hint: it doesnt start with an 'L').
i always dig talking with jeffry lee about deeper, bigger issues. hes always got a different perspective than i come from, and that encourages me to grow in my understanding. also, it was nice to get a bit deeper with kooch. i really respect the guy, and its nice to be able to get to know him a bit better.

oh, and just so it didnt get too philosophical in there, we also kept shooting each other with nerf guns. i guess that kinda sums us up: maturely immature.

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