camp out

last saturday was such a blast! i drove up to michigan and picked up a friend and we headed over to nicks house for a party. i was a little nervous about it because i had never met any of the people who were going to be there, including nick!
the house itself was quite interesting. its actually a sort of lodge check in place for a camp ground. nicks grandpa (his roommate) owns a big chunk of land that he decided to turn into a camp ground, and the bottom floor of the house is where everyone checks in when they arrive. it was really cool, there was a pool table and lots of room, so we were able to have enough space to play games, music, and chat.
i tried my best to be a bit outgoing, so i was intentional about getting to know the other people at the party. it wasnt too hard because everyone there was very nice and welcoming. we had a great time, and i eagerly await a chance to hang out with those guys again!

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