a good friday

this weekend i had a bit of time off of work, so diana and i headed up to grand rapids. it was only a short visit, due to the fact that she had to be back for work on saturday. we headed up thursday night. it was a beautifully sunny day (this plays into the contrast which will be mentioned shortly...). we stopped at my parents place, then met up with aaron, jeffry lee and rex at bw3 for some tasty hot wings. we had a great time talking and laughing! when we got home my mom was still up, so we chatted with her for a while.
friday morning we got up nice and early (well, early for a day off) and diana and my mom went to get their nails done. i killed time at the bookstore. i got a new cd, a book for diana, and a dvd for jills kids. then, we headed over to the greasy spoon to meet up with the rest of the family, including my grandma and aunt! it was fun to see everyone and introduce diana to some of the extended family. afterward we ran a couple errands, then went over to jills to give her a break from the kids. we played with them for the whole afternoon (that dvd i picked up came in pretty handy...). then it was back to mom and dads for dinner where my mom had prepared my favorite: half hour stew!!! after much talk and feasting, we packed up and headed out to bring diana back home. as seems to be the case every time i head home, the weather on the way back was terrible! from the time we had lunch to the time we left for home, there was about three or four inches of show on the ground- snow! what ever happened to spring?!? the trip was long and my windshield wipers were terrible, but eventually we made it. it was a really fun, if short, trip. now its just a countdown to next weekend when i get to go visit adam in california!!!

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