monte cristo, please!

the weather sure was amazing on friday! i got home from work and almost put shorts on!
diana was around today, so we went for a walk around the neighborhood. we did a little exploring and ended up getting yelled at by a crotchety old man- we felt like naughty teenagers or something! we walked the rest of the way down the train tracks, a very 'stand by me' sort of feeling.
later that night we met up with ken and kristen for a bite to eat at bennigans. she was a little nervous to meet them, but i told her that there was nothing to worry about (other than kennys scary shaved head). we had a great time! i hadnt really ever spent any large amounts of time around kristen before, but she was a lot of fun! we had originally hoped to do something after dinner, maybe catch a show, but we ran out of time. diana headed home soon after.
sunday i talked with kenny again and we decided that we are going to have to do that again soon!

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