three mondays

man, this has been a rough week! when i got back from visiting the folks for thanksgiving i was welcomed back home with sickness!!! lucky me! i had (and continue to a lesser extent) a really bad cough, sore throat, and sinus issues. i went to work monday, but felt miserable, so i planned ahead and told then i wouldnt be in tuesday. i was feeling better, but by the end of the day i couldnt get through a whole sentence without hacking out a lung! i admitted defeat and called in again for thursday. i didnt care how i felt friday, i was going in no matter what! it still lingers, but at least i am feeling better. ive still got a cough here, and a sniff there; but all in all i feel like i am doing better.
it did feel really wierd the days i went in though, it always felt like it was monday! i had a whole week of work, but not a single day back to back. strange. on friday i was getting really confused filling in sheets because i kept thinking it was monday!

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