the travel game

oh, dear readers, i have a challenge for you.
i have always been a fan of traveling, and love to visit new places. i have been fairly blessed with the opportunity to travel as much as i have. i, in some ways, feel that i have done quite a bit of traveling and am quite proud of the places ive been and the experiences ive had.
now, i lay before you a small game. i am curious how much you have traveled? now, i have devised a simple way to figure out how much you have traveled- through travel points. what are travel points you ask? (i know this is kinda dumb, just go with it...) well, here is how:
1 point for each state you have been to (driving through doesnt count, you need to have stopped at a significant landmark, or stayed overnight there)
5 points for each country you have been to (you dont get to count your home country)
10 points for each continent youve been to (you dont get to count your home continent)

so, what is your travel score? i will post mine after a few others have

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Sean and Rachael said...

I'm not much of a traveler...everything I love is so close!

States: 16
Countries: 15 (Mexico,Oman,UK)
Continents: 10 (Eurasia)
total score - 41

If you count Puerto Rico as a country my score is 46. If it counts as a state then it is 42.