'the incident'

earlier this week i was over at my aunt and uncles place with my family. my cousin and her family were not able to be here for the extended family christmas, and niether was i, so our families to decided to get together this past weeek as well. i was a great time, even my grandma showed up for a bit. we got pizza and talked and caught up. at the end of the night i headed back home (i drove over alone). on the way back i happened to notice that my driver side headlight was kind of pointing funny. i wasnt sure what to make of it. when i got back home i pulled it into the drive way to get a good look at it.
turns out while my car was parked at my aunt and uncles it had been backed into! the headlight was out of whack, the fender was crunched, and the bumper was slightly cracked. argh!!! after getting over my initial anger i made plans for the next day to get an estimate and see what kind of damage this was going to do to my wallet. because, of course, my insurance company would make me pay my five hundred dollar deductable no matter what.
the next morning my uncle called and told me to stop by him at his work (he owns a car dealership and wanted to take a look at it and see if he could get me a deal on fixing it). i stopped over there and then i went over to get an estimate for fixing it- $1100!! rediculous!!! there was no way i was going to pay that much, so i headed back to my uncle and he said he could have pull a few strings and have it taken care of for one fifty. deal! later that morning my grandma calls my uncle up and says 'im not sure why, but for some reason i seem to have a few scratches and a bit of green paint on the back of my car...'

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