christmas shopping

my family always jokes about how i wait so long to do my christmas shopping. its true, i usually do wait until the last minute. i am the stereotypical 'guy' in that sense. but, what they dont understand is that i delay the actual going out and purchasing part of the shopping, but i spend a good bit of time figuring out what im going to get each person. i dont necessarily buy into the form of shopping that so many people do- walk around the store and look around until you find something they might like. i shop in a much more methodical way. because of this, i can afford to be a bit more of a procrastinator.
friday i finally decided i would go out and get some gifts. i headed out after work (around 3:30), and by 5:30 i was done. simple as that. i got something special for everyone in the family, and not a single gift certificate in sight! (in the interest of full disclosure, i should admit that i have one more present to get, but thats because i special ordered it, and need to pick it up tomorrow).
so, i started and finished my christmas shopping in the course of about two hours. not bad, huh?

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