the cabin

yesterday was our fourth annual cabin trip. for four years now the guys and i have been going up to the cabin for one night during christmas break and just having a blast. the line up has changed slightly, mostly adding more players, but the fun remains the same. rex and i headed up friday and got there around noon (well before our usual time of 4:00), which gave us some extra time to just enjoy the place. we got the fire started, unpacked, then we went for a walk. one of our traditions up there is to go for a walk, which guns, and try to get as lost as possible. often times it works... we walked for about an hour, stopping indiscriminately and shooting stuff. always a good time! when we got back we chilled out and read for a while. i read my wizard magazine, and rex read the graphic novel of 'the fountain'.
around five, dusty and steve showed up. we hung out some more and played a few games. one of them i did well at, the other i did not. at eight we headed out to sporties (another cabin tradition) for dinner, and met up with aaron, jeffry lee, and adam. he had a great time there, and eventually headed back to the cabin.
the rest of the night, unfortunately, will have to remain classified information. we have a strick 'loose lips sink ships' policy that i must adhere to. im sure you understand...

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