waiting for the wii

last weekend rex and jeffry lee came down again to play video games with me. rex was hoping to get a ps3, but soon gave up when he realized that the line up had started two days before they came down thursday. so instead we shifted our focus on to the system that i wanted to get: the wii. friday we went and saw a movie, then when out to eat for dinner. i happened to call meijers and ask them what their plan was for handling the line up for the wii. they said that they would not let the line form more than 24 hours ahead of time. so we decided that we would stop by around midnight friday and see what was going on. we got there and found out they only had eight systems! so we waited for the announcement of where the line would be forming. after a couple problems they called out that the line was forming at the media counter. i hapened to be close to that area so i made a dash for it. i was lucky enough to make it into the fifth spot! this was quite exciting and all, but the the realization soon sunk in- we were going to be waiting there for 24 hours!!! we were guarnteed a wii, but we just had to make it through the wait. they were quite lenient with the waiting rules. we could get up, go to the bathroom, or grab a bite to eat and still have our spot. everyone was actually quite nice. i think this is rather accurate.
the people in line soon grew to become a psudo- community. rex and jeffry lee were there with me almost the whole time (which is just rediculously awesome of them). we spent time reading, playing ds, listening to mp3 players, but mostly just talking and hanging out. after about the first 10 hours we started to get a bit loopy. (an actual conversation at around 10am: i decided i was going to start up a new career as a cobbler, rex was going to look into the viability of becoming a door-to-door vacuum salesman, and jeffry lee was thinking about the prospects of assassin for hire). we got quite annoyed by some of the people around us too, they were very loud and opinionated and never shut up through out the whole 24 hours. so, we decided to make up nicknames for them so we could vent our anger and talk about them when out them knowing. i still want to punch t.c. and timmy straight in the face. linix was annoying, and splatoo was just funny looking. oh well, we never have to see them again.
as the time drew nearer and nearer, the excitement level jumped. around 10:30 saturday night there were alot of new people trying to join the line. by 12:00 there were probably about 50 people in line. little did they know that meijer only had 8 of them. hee hee hee...
we got it home and had a blast! my thoughts on the actual system are here.

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