today was the big day: my birthday! i met up with my parents, sister, and brother-in-law for dinner. i got to choose the place to eat, so i picked ruby tuesdays. i havent been there in a long time and i really love their salads. jill and tim were pretty happy because they got to leave the kids at home with a babysitter- finally some peace and quite for them! at dinner my parents gave me my birthday gift: an mp3 player! i was quite excited, ive been wanting one for a while now. but heres the problem: i dont own a computer it will work on. i have an old imac from 2000, and the mp3 player only works on windows xp. a bit of a bother. my parents said i could bring it back and find one that would work. then i realize the full extent of my problem: sure, an ipod works on macs, but my mac is so old it runs on os9, and all ipods are only compatable with os10. lucky me. i guess i could keep this one and just load it up with songs when i come home to visit (even my computer at work doesnt have windows xp, so my parents laptop would be my only option). but that seems stupid. then i thought 'well, maybe i should get a new computer'. yeh, right, like ive got the money for that. and if i did id want the internet at home, which would be even more expensive. i dont know, maybe ill just bring it back and plan on getting one later.

after dinner i met up with aaron. we hung out for a while and caught up on life. we wondered around target and meijers looking for season 1 of animaniacs, but wound up empty handed. soon after dusty called and wondered if we wanted to go out for the night. he had just finished taking the bar exam (he graduated from law school in may) and needed a little release. i was up for it, but aaron figured he should get a good night sleep for work the next day (i cant blame him, it was already 10:30 by then). so dusty, cary and i head out to what used to be lennys mexican grill. on the way we were all on our cell phones inviting anyone else we could think of to make the night even more fun. we were able to actually round up seven or eight people. so we talked and sang (it was karaoke night) the night away. certainly a fun way to spend a birthday!

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