saturday i headed to my parents house (after sleeping in far too long...). i actually didnt go to my parents house today because i didnt get there until much much later.
i met up with jeffry lee at the mall. we chilled, ate dinner, then rummaged through the local k b toys store. i always like to go into toy stores and check out what 'those crazy kids' are into these days. (actually, i want to see if theres anything cool that i might want to get). unfortunately their transformers supply was severely lacking. so we moved on. after a brief stop in barnes and noble and gamestop, we headed over to the theater. we went to see clerks 2, which i thought was much funnier than i would care to admit (i feel guilty about it. and a little dirty.)
after that we headed over to jeffry lees house. i had never been there before, and as it turns out, he lives way out in bfe. after the seven hour journey, we arrived at his place and chilled for the night. there was much talking and laughing, mostly at the movie we decided to watch- bloodrayne. it was so bad you dont even want to know...
it was a good old time, and i eventually rolled into my parents place around 4:30am. if today is any indication, its going to be a rad week!

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