tuesday night i made plans to hang out with nathan & ang, and steve & cary and have burgers on the grill. i hadnt seen any of them in quite a while, so i was looking forward to catching up with all of them. nathan and i have been friends for a very long time, weve been friends and gone to school together from elementary school all the way through college. ang became friends with us on about day two of freshman year, and by about day 6 we all knew that they were going to get married. and they did. after dordt nate went to calvin seminary and has now been preaching up in canada for the past three years. they dont get a chance to come down very often, so it was really great to see them again. steve and i became friends freshman year of college, and we became friends of cary about 2 days later. by about day 6 it was obvious that they were going to get married. and they did. after dordt steve went to pharmacy school in sioux falls, and last year moved to west minneapolis. it was really great to see them as well.
but heres the thing: they have kids. nates got two, steves got one. this fact totally changes everything. it was fun to see them again, but it was just so different. i am in a totally different world than they are at this point. just as we would start talking about something we would be interupted by one of the children screaming or getting into trouble. i know this is totally normal for couples with children, but ive never seen my friends in that light. another one of those times when i am forced to accept the fact that we are all growing old.

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