wedding crashers

this past weekend i went with my buddy rex to minnesota for the wedding of an old college friend. last weekend rex invited me to go along with him. he had actually been invited, i was just coming along with him to do the crashing!
we left thursday in his car and immediately got caught up in crappy chicago traffic. one hour and 10 miles later, the actual road trip began. its been a while since i have been on a road trip with someone else, so it was a nice change of pace for me. we had a great time on the road, we caught up on life, told funny stories, mocked others poor driving skills, and sang along loudly to the music. the only down side was the lack of air conditioning. ugh. we finally got there and got a hotel, enjoyed a good dinner, then chilled at the hotel.
friday we got up and went to go and get chris and amanda a wedding gift (nothing like waiting till the last minute, huh?), got ready for the wedding, then headed over. due to a timing error, which was no ones fault (chris), we got there about an hour early, so we just chilled for a while. eventually other people started coming, so we felt bettter. the wedding was outside at a golf resort. the weather was beautiful, the ceremony was even better, and the whole thing was really fun. afterward we went inside the club house and had the reception. it was alot of fun, a chance to catch up with old college friends who i havent seen in five years, and never actually thought id see ever again! so it was really cool got talk to them and see what they are up to all these years later.
rex and i were having so much fun talking with everyone and dancing (which he is considerably better at than i) that we ended up closing the place down! we helped pack up the gifts and stuff, and then one of the girls got the idea that we should so get some ice cream. in theory this is a great idea, the problem is that its 12:30 in the morning. the only place thats open is the grocery store, so we end up standing out front of cub foods eating ice cream out of the containers with plastic spoons. truly a site to see.
saturday we were invited over to hollys for a grill out before we headed back home. we had a great time talking, laughing, remembering, and renewing all the bonds we have together. good food and a great time.


Walk to the light and Run to the Flame said...

first of all i have to say rex is a amazing person
second i miss you mr brink and i think we should hang out more often
is that eating a tub of icecream with plastic spoons at 1230 am is very very impressive and staying up till 5am and waking up at 1 is even more impressive
by the way i got a new bloger

Walk to the light and Run to the Flame said...

fish turtle