sunday morning came up quick on me. i had to pick up my gramma in the morning at her house and bring her out to sandy pines (if you dont know what sandy pines is, its kind of hard to explain. its a camp ground, but its more like a resort. most of the trailors dont move, and the main mode of transportation is golf carts. sounds wierd, but when i was younger it was the coolest thing ever!) so we could have lunch with my parents at their place. on the way there we were driving through the town of dorr and my gramma, out of the blue, starts pointing out building and telling stories about them. i had no idea, but she grew up around there! we were driving and she would say 'see that house? thats the house i was born in, right in the bedroom there!' what?!? that just struck me as so strange, first of all because i didnt know that, and second because she wasnt born in a hospital. we kept driving, 'see that cemetary? thats where my parents are burried' wow! how cool! it kind of makes me want to go to the cemetary and find out where they are. i must say, i got a pretty interesting history lesson on the way to lunch.

later that day i headed back out to sandy pines with aaron and jeffry lee. we tooled around the place on the golf cart and saw a trailor that had recently burned down. cool. then we had hot dogs on the grill with my parents. it was really cool for me because my parents never really spend any time with my friends. they have become close with many of my sisters friends, and my dad will actually go golfing sometimes with her friends (actually, i guess that is kind of wierd, huh?) but they have never really been able to spend time with my friends. it was the first time they had met jeff and it had been a year or two since they had seen aaron, so we had a bit to talk about and stuff.
it was really fun. i dont just mean it was enjoyable, i mean it was a joyful, fulfilling, loving kind of fun.

after we got back we hung out at my parents house. zaagman came over and we headed to the backyard. it was really cool, we pulled out a few of my nephews toys and started playing. we played trackball and velcro ball (im sure youve seen those- its like baseball, but the mitts are flat and have velcro on the fronts). it felt like we were just kids having fun and playing in the backyard. it felt like i was ten years old again. i loved it!

around 10:30 aaron went home because it was getting late and he had to work, but the rest of us headed over to adams. we spent the rest of the night joking around, remebering the 'good old days', watching his new childrens tv show, and listening to really bad songs submitted to a record company. it was as silly and strange as it sounds.

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