after being awoken by my sisters phone calls, i got ready and headed over to see her and the kids. i picked up burger king for everyone on my way (jacksons favorite- mostly for the kids meal toys...). i hung out over there for a while and played with the kids.
we went down to the play room and i asked jackson what he wanted to play with 'i wanna play legos!' now this i can appreciate! i played with legos all the time growing up, i loved to build cars and stuff, but my favorite was always building spaceships. the most coveted piece of legos in our house were anything that we could make into strange wings (oh, and the ones with bendy joints). i was curious as to what kind of stuff he liked to make with legos so i asked him 'what should we make?' out of the clear blue i get this response: 'a cactus'. what?!? this three and a half year old is given limitless possibilities of what to make, and he wants to make a cactus?!? maybe this kid is stranger than i thought...

that night i headed downtown grand rapids to meet up with sara and adam. we went to a pretty cool bar that had a super comfy sofa and lounge chair in the corner, so we took advantage. it had been quite a while since i have been able to talk with those two together, so we spent the evening catching up and discussing how we had each gotten to where we are. but, as usual with adam, it degressed into a 'remember when...' nastalgia-fest (which i totally love, so i didnt mind at all). finally we called it quits and i headed home for the day.

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