i was thinking about going home today because i thought everyone would be busy, but then i got a call from aaron asking if i wanted to hang out tonight. so i decided to wait until tomorrow.
i headed back out to sandy pines for dinner to see my parents once more before i go home. when i got there they were about to start making the food, i had some time so i headed over to my sisters place to say hi to the kids. they are having some friends out there this weekend and they were all about to eat too, so i mostly just got to hold my niece so my sister could get everything ready. after about five minutes they were ready, so i said my goodbyes and head back to the folks. we ate burgers and chatted; it was nice. i told them my sad plight about the mp3 player, and they understood. after a funny 'stash' match between mom and dad and many laughs, i headed out.
i first stopped at best buy to return the mp3 player and get the money (i figure i will use this as the start of my saving for the nintendo wii) i went to the house and met up with aaron and steve. we spent a good hour trying to figure out what we should do tonight, during which rex called to find out the result- which turned into a very funny argument and an equally silly abrupt hang-up (on my part). we decided to watch a few episodes of animaniacs (which i had just bought on dvd). the show holds up surprisingly well considering its from 1993. one observation aaron made what that it was alot more 'a.d.d.' then we remembered, but thats what kept it fun!
soon after we met up with rex and jeffry lee at fridays. we hung out there for a few hours and had some fun discussions. i tell you what, i sure do like hanging out with those guys...

ill be heading home tomorrow afternoon, so i guess this ends the day-by-day account of the fun and excitement of this vacation back home. i dont usually like to use this blog as a journal like this, but i think i will really enjoy reading over these posts later and remembering the fun! i hope they havent been too boring to read...

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