my christmas list

my family is always asking me what i want for christmas. i often struggle with this question- what do i want? inspired by this question, i am moved to write down what exactly i want for christmas. these are in no particular order, rather, they are listed in order of when i think of them. here goes:

1. world peace
2. the death of whoever is responsible for the 'career' of paris hilton (ditto for those who gave us nicole richie, hillary duff, ashley simpson, and lindsey lohan)
3. someone to stop smacking tom cruise over the head with the stupid stick
4. an apology from the guy who directed 'the longest yard'
5. more steve corell movies
6. my money back for 'war of the worlds'
7. people to finally realize just how stupid 'family guy' really is
8. more people to start watching 'office' and 'scrubs'
9. no more celebrity couple first names mashed into one
10. 'american idol' to be cancelled (oh, and survivor too)
11. a million dollars

i dont know, it doesnt seem like im asking too much...


tiptoeballerina said...

you read my mind

muffin tops #4 said...

I LOVE THE OFFICE. SCRUBS ROCKS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! well just puttin in some rsponse.