the eternal debate

pop. soda. which is it really called? this is the true eternal question... i think this is the real issue that is tearing our nation apart. blue states? red states? outdated. the new division is between pop states and soda states. something must be done about this before it destroys our country and leads to another civil war. and i feel i am just the man to bring about that resolution.

let me begin with my story: i grew up in michigan, and up there it is called pop. when i moved out to iowa i was shocked and amazed that other people around the country had other names for a carbonated beverage. soda? that sounded so strange to me. after many arguments and late night discussions i was finally shown the light. it isnt pop. but to be honest, it isnt always soda either.
the fact of the matter is this: officially the correct term is soft drink. if it is a dark soft drink then it is called a cola, if it a light colored, or clear soft drink it is called soda. so those who call it soda are not always right. i drink diet pepsi and i call it a soda, but that would be inaccurate.
so i guess the moral of the story is that we are all wrong. suck on that.


reuben said...

in the south they call everything coke. im not sure how to order a 7-up down there.

tiptoeballerina said...

i know i went somewhere and they had a drink called mellow yello
but they said it "mella yella"
so i called it that but with no accent so im sure i sounded like a bafoon.

i personally call it pop soda, COKE!

that way we all win.
or we should forget pop alltogether and drink Milk. but that would bring the thing like
"Milk" or "meowlk" or "malk"

and water too
and other drinks
but i say lets drink from the Pacific that way we won't get comfused.

muffin tops #4 said...

i believe in calling them carbonated beverages, i feel that saying pop or soda degrades them from what they really are.