more converts

earlier this week i was at a friends house, a few buddies were playing poker, but i was playing scrabble with a friend (dang, i really do love that game...) she and i got talking about keeping in touch with people by checking out their blogs. i asked her if she had one. she said no. i decided that it was my responsiblity to fix this problem.
it was really fun! she didnt really know all that much about this blogging thing so i got to teach her the (very) basic things i have learned. it was really fun. i would share a link to her address, but she would probably kill me. (you know, first wants to see if its her thing or not)
also, another friend who was there was an old collegue i worked with for a couple years. she used to teach 4th grade here but left over the summer to be a missionary teacher in brazil (how amazing and crazy is that?!?) she had a blog started, but needed some help ironing out the details. her blog is here. its really cool stuff, her posts always have picture of what its like down there and some cool stories of the people she has met. check it out.

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sir kenneth said...

you Mark, you rock man! I love this blog thing. Thanks for getting me into this and have a merry christmas